This ONE thing is Overlooked by Most Salespeople, but It's Absolutely Necessary for High Performance | The Covert Closer Blog by Justin Weeder

Are you part of the majority of salespeople who don't even think about the most crucial part of the sale?

If you commonly get objections at the end of your sale, or stalls, or requests for more information, it's likely that your presentation missed the mark.

But wait! You have an amazing presentation, a rock-solid logical and emotional case for the sale, but they still didn't move forward. 

They must not be serious, or they're incapable of understanding how this benefits them, right?


You probably did not take the time to identify what exactly will motivate this individual to action. 

It's one of two things: to move towards pleasure (the desire for gain) or to move away from pain (the fear of loss).

These are the very basic reason for everything your customer tells you for buying your product.

If you can discover these motives during your qualifying/intelligence gathering/discovery phase of the sale, then you can tailor your presentation to align with their primary motive for buying.

When you align what you're saying to them with what's important to them, you create desire out of thin air. 

You justify a higher price, and you create a satisfied customer who has just had their biggest problem at that time solved.

Remember: people buy for their reasons, not yours.

Align your presentation with their buying motives and your objection handling skills will get rusty because you won't need them!

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