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covid goals mindset sales Jul 18, 2020
Every day I message salespeople from every industry the same thing: "How's business been for you?"
The responses I get are telling a story that is not being reported on by news outlets. It's not showing up on your Facebook feed, or in your conversations.
When times are good, the stock market is called a 'bull' market. When times are bad, it's called a 'bear' market. The stock market right now is neither.
Right now, it's a kangaroo market. Nobody knows what will happen next, there is no trend line to follow. One day it's up, the next it's down, it gains growth, it loses growth.
(I spend a significant amount of time on money in my book, which you can still get for free here)
Our lives have never been filled with so much uncertainty before, and that's what is creating an opportunity for you.
When I'm reaching out to people, it always intrigues me when people say "Business has never been better!" - especially when I can see on these folk's profiles they work in industries hit heavy by the pandemic.
Are they lying to me?
Are they embarrassed to say they're struggling?
Are they afraid I might sell them something?
Are they lucky enough to work in an industry that is benefitting from the pandemic?
Maybe. But there's a common denominator I've noticed:
They post positive statuses.
They drive nice cars.
They live in nice homes.
These people are winners.
Being successful is a state of mind. The profiles and people I come across are proof. The people posting negative shit? Complaining? Asking for attention? Those are the people who answer "Business is slow" every time.
You might not believe that you can affect your external world by thought alone, and I can't ever prove to you via text that you can.
So instead, suspend belief for a minute, and let's go over three steps you can take immediately to take advantage of the endless opportunity out there today.
Step One:
Decide what you want.
Get clear on what exactly you want.
Write it down. Put it somewhere safe.
Step Two:
Imagine what it would feel like to achieve it.
Don't imagine the outcomes, imagine what the emotions will feel like.
You can do it. This is what your brain is made for.
Write them down in as much detail as you can.
Step Three:
Spend at least 10 minutes every day focusing on those feelings.
When you start your day, take a look at what you wrote down.
What do you want? What does it feel like when you get it?
Spend time in those feelings. Understand what it will be like.

Then, go about your day and watch the magic happen.
Or don't. Waste your time reading this email and then go back to pretending like the world is falling down around you, and it will.

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