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Uncategorized May 03, 2020

This is one of those pieces of sales advice that I cringe when I hear or see it being given out.

You've heard it before, "You gotta be positive! Gotta have a positive mental attitude! Gotta believe the customer is gonna buy, and they will!"

No they won't.

The only thing that will make a customer buy is the right person, with the right product, at the right time, working for the right company.

Now here's the fun part: you have control over being the 'right' product, time, and company.

All you need to do is pay attention, but having a positive mental attitude is not going to do that for you.

Your Customer is Wary of a Salesperson Who is Too Excited
You know what I'm talking about. The guy who is so enthusiastic over selling a copier that you think he might actually be in love with office equipment.

Or the car guy who shakes your hand so vigorously you think you're the only customer he got to see that day.

The smile on that guy's face says: "Thank you, oh my God, a customer! I was so tired of standing on point with my thumb in my ass all day, hopefully you'll sign on the first pencil and I can feed my kids this week!"

These are exaggerations, but regardless, customers are weary of any salesperson who looks like walking proof that if you hold your face a certain way too long it really will get stuck that way.

Here's How to Avoid Instant Skepticism
Let me ask you this: does Steph Curry look surprised every time he sinks a three pointer?

I mean sometimes If it was an impossible shot. But most of the time that shit is completely routine to him.

People are programmed to look for patterns. The last pattern you want to fall into is the 'slick car salesman' pattern of someone who wouldn't break a smile if they got kicked in the balls.

No, you want to take a page out of the pro's book, and be calm. Get excited when the context calls for it. Don't manufacture enthusiasm or a fake ass smile - every sales guy with a nametag and pen does that.

Be different. Different is sexy. Different sells.

He Who Brings Up the Objection First Wins
The other problem with being Mr. PMA is that mindset automatically makes you afraid to bring up anything that might rock the boat.

This is a problem for you, because when it comes to objections, you want to be in control of when they come up.

Think about it - if you know that you're the highest price supplier, do you want to bring it up and have a chance to tell the customer why, or have them find out doing their own research?

Using that same example, do you think the customer would still have a hard time making a decision if you already brought up all the reasons they wouldn't do it?
Hell naw. They'll feel like you know them better than they do, and that all their basis are covered.

And when that happens, they ask you what the next steps are.

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