How to Tell if You're a Closer by Looking at Your Facebook | The Covert Closer Blog by Justin Weeder

goals mindset Nov 20, 2019 Sales Reflects Life. If you're a closer, you're likely married to someone out of your league.
What do I mean by that?
I mean if you're doing well at your sales job, crushing deals right and left, bringing home five-figure commission checks... your life is going great.
I have a theory... it's purely in my mind... but a theory that men and women who are strong closers have spouses that are way out of their league.
Call it whatever you want, but I could show you some facebook profiles that would make your head spin.
Why is that?
Because humans value status over money. This is a proven fact of human psychology.
What does that have to do with selling?
Well, what's the easiest way for a guy to change his social status? a nice car.
...wear nice clothes.
...get a nice watch. funny, popular, and well liked.
Those are all self-image adjustments that are available to top salespeople.
The thing is though, becoming a top salesperson requires something different these days than it used to.
You used to be able to show up to work, hustle your ass off, and do pretty well.
But the internet has begun educating a whole new class of salesperson.
Which means the uneducated, the "naturals" are dying off. They're starting to get beat by the people who are trying new shit outside of their comfort zone.
Sales used to be a game that belonged to the veterans, the salty dogs.
Not anymore.
New guys with new skills are disrupting every industry, especially the young guys who are using the internet to grow.
It takes stepping outside of your comfort zone to do that though, and that's not easy.
The older you are, the harder it is. The cockier you are, the harder it is.
And the more success you've had, the harder it is.
But you can do it. You must focus on yourself and learn the newest tricks of the trade, or you'll be left behind.
The information on what to do is out there. If you want help stepping outside of your comfort zone, I wrote a whole section on that in my first book.
You can still get the book for free plus shipping here.

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