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Time is the Salesperson's Most Valuable Resource

Time is the only resource we have that can't be replaced, rewound, or regained once it's gone. When you're on the sales floor doing your best to help every customer you can, it's not always easy to manage your time. Many people will pretend to be buyers and waste your time - not on purpose, but because their decision machine is broken. Should you spend your time with customers whose decision machine is broken? Definitely not. If you want to maximize your time so you can spend it with the customers who have the biggest payoff without wasting time with people who can't make a decision no matter how good you are, you need to identify your perfect customer ahead of time.
It might seem like a lot of work the first time you think about it. I definitely felt overwhelmed and confused when I first started thinking about it, and when I finally stepped up and did it - the results were impressive. 

Identify Who Your Best Customers Are

Knowing who your perfect customer is will help you identify them easier. Just imagine opening up a sales interaction, asking a couple of qualifying questions, and knowing that you can help the person in front of you. Wait, we almost always know that when we are done qualifying. What if you also knew exactly how to bring this person to a decision? And you knew that if you executed it in the right way, 80% of them would say yes? It might sound impossible, but I can assure you, it's not.

Master Your Domain with Certainty

Think about it: after you deal with the same person over and over again, wouldn't you learn to handle their objections like a pro? When I was selling auto loan refinancing, I defined who I wanted to work with, and one aspect was that they had to have 5 figures of credit card debt. Why? Because it made my job easy when it came to offering them value by lowering their payment. My customers were able to lower their payments on their cars to pay off credit card debt that was at 20% or more. Wouldn't you do that if you were in that situation?

Solve Massive Problems

When you are solving a massive problem for people ($10k+ in credit card debt is a massive problem), you'll close more deals with less overall effort. My peers were always arguing over interest rates, terms, and backend products with customers who had broken decision-engines. They might even be my target customers with big credit card debt, but most people never took the time to identify that because they weren't selling as intentionally as I was.
This philosophy earned me a reputation of passing over certain deals, and they're right. I have no interest in wasting 15 minutes to an hour or more working on a deal where the customer is going to fight me tooth and nail the whole way and then decide not to do it anyway at the last minute. People who can't decide or can't decide to do what's in their own best interest are the worst type of people to try and sell to. Just don't do it.
You're probably thinking at this point, "That's great, Justin. I want to save time and only sell to people with problems. How do I find them?" 
You start by identifying who they are. Here's how:
  • Think about your favorite customer in the past 6-12 months. 
  • What did you enjoy specifically about working with them? 
  • What industry were they in? 
  • What did they buy? 
  • Why did they buy that specifically?
  • Why did they buy it from you? 
  • Why did they buy it from your company specifically? 
  • How will having your product help them? 
  • How will they use your product? 
  • How did they make a decision to move forward?
This type of selling takes a very specific mindset to execute properly. It takes a steel backbone to stand up for yourself and say that you're not going to waste time with people who can't or won't buy what you're selling. If you're not confident that you have what it takes to succeed in fostering that new mindset, you're not alone. I often felt the same way when I was reading an expert talk about these same principles. 
I eventually found my way through that fog, and I recorded and analyzed my way through it so that I could teach it to the next generation of salespeople who were ready. I took what I learned and put it into a book called The Covert Closer's Code. Rank One is available for FREE by clicking here. Check it out if you're interested in forging the mindset and tools it takes to succeed in selling to six figures of income and beyond.

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