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closing deal velocity sales Jul 06, 2018

Do you have a hard time motivating your prospects to take action? 

Every time you follow up, it’s the same ole story - they need more time. Why do they need more time? You know the product is right for them, you know they can afford it, and even worse, you know they want it! 

So what is actually happening in their mind when they’re telling you “yes, but not now”?

They’re experiencing a lack of emotion. They don’t have an emotional connection to the solution you provide. 

If they don’t have an emotional connection, then there’s no motivation to act. Emotion is what makes them pull the trigger, not logic. The logic for them will come after the fact when they have already made the decision and need to justify it to themselves or others. 

Unless you’ve painted an emotionally charged picture in their mind of what pain they will alleviate or what pleasure they will attain with your product, you’ll be stuck chasing them in circles until they get tired of you. 

Or you give up, whichever comes first. 

Take a moment and think about how many sales you’ve lost because you didn’t know this.

A couple of years ago, I had a house built in a new development. When you’re building a house, all kinds of vendors come out of the woodwork to capitalize on the opportunity. 

There we were, visiting the house before it was built, the car parked in the driveway, trying to pretend it was already ours of course when the doorbell rings. 

“Why is someone here? Did you plan to meet anyone?” Meghan asked me. 

“Nope! Who would be ringing the doorbell on a half-finished house? Has to be a salesman.” I replied. 

And sure enough, it was. A pest control guy. Let me say, this is one of the best door knockers I’ve ever come across. He was amazing. His pitch was delivered flawlessly, and I knew we were going to be locked up when he pulled out a picture of like 20 bugs and said: 

“Just imagine these critters invading your home and crawling on you while you sleep.”

Immediately, Meghan lets out an audible gasp. 

Well, looks like we’re buying pest control. And we did. Right then and there. On a 36 month commitment. 

What gives? Why was the sales guy able to close us on the spot for pest control services on a house we were going to move into for another 60 days?

He used emotion. He said “just imagine...” and then painted a nasty picture of bugs crawling all over us while we slept. 

The $300 per year or whatever it cost was CHUMP CHANGE in comparison to creepy-crawly shit invading my sleep! 

And that’s how you motivate someone to buy on the spot. Use a just imagine sentence to build your case on their emotions! Then help them support the decision with logic. 

Just imagine how many more sales you'll be able to close once you understand how to properly involve your prospect's emotions. 

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