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closing mindset sales selling Oct 28, 2019

Weeder's Quick and Dirty Process to Finally Finish Everything You Start

My hands were shaking... I was ready to quit.
Standing there, at the gym, staring down at the most weight I'd ever attempted on deadlift.
Needed 3 more to finish my workout, and a new PR was within reach.
I had never lifted this much before... didn't think I could do it.
My mind was saying things like: 
Don't push it!
What're you trying to prove?
It's not a big deal if you quit!
And while staring down at the bar... I almost did it...
...I almost quit.
That pattern has haunted me for 90% of my life:
  1. Start goal
  2. Crush first 1/3 of the goal
  3. Quit at the first sign of resistance or struggle
  4. ???
  5. NOT profit
Quitting would have been easy.
But that would move me further from my goal of breaking this pattern.
Once I realized my brain was just following a repeating pattern of rooting against myself, I knew the only way to break a pattern like this is to do the opposite of what felt natural - and that gave me a crazy idea...
Don't think I'm crazy for this... I imagined a whole group of 'me's standing around me...
Cheering me on, telling me I can do it, telling me to breakthrough. 
In my voice, in my style, with my words, and it reminded me what it feels like to believe in YOURSELF.
When you walk around with your own set of personal cheerleaders... there's nothing that will intimidate you.
All you've got to do is get over how ridiculous this idea is and try it out for yourself.

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