5 Ways to Serve Without Being a Slave | The Covert Closer Blog by Justin Weeder

Have you ever bent over backwards for your potential buyer, go above and beyond, answer 801 questions, show it to their 3rd, 4th, and 5th basemen, and offer them more incentives than anyone else gets, only to have them still need to think about it or even worse: buy it from the competitor for 2% lower price?

You think you’re growing closer to them, but really, they’re just taking advantage of you and losing respect by the second. What is happening here?

Your prospect doesn't respect you. And people can't buy things or trust the opinion of those they don't respect. How do you earn their respect?

Here's how it's done:

  1. Just use their name

  2. Make them feel important

  3. Hold to your process, politely 

  4. Do the takeaway 

  5. Use this word track if necessary: I’m sure many of my competitors are willing to do X without Y, but me doing so would be a waste of both of our time. 

I deal with these type of people on a regular basis. For example, with auto refi leads I get through an aggregator like Lending Tree, they always do the “what’s your best rate” - and I reply back with “Customer, all the other brokers on Lending Tree might be willing to just throw out a rate and payment at you that they may or may not be able to get, and when you go to sign, things often change. It’s a waste of both of our time for me to do that, I don’t even know if I can help you accomplish your goal at this point if refinancing is even a good idea for you. So I’m just here asking for your permission to investigate that and then get you a rock-solid approval that will be actually tailored to your needs. Is that okay?”

This hits all 5 points. I used their name, I made them feel important, held to my process politely, used a takeaway, and I used the word track from above. It works every time. 

The best part about this approach is that I don’t come off as a “salesman”. I make all the other fools trying to sell this person the salesmen. They see me as a professional, someone with self-respect who cares more about solving their needs than just seeing if they like the rate and payment I can get them. 

This draws people to you, it makes them yearn to work with you. From a young age we are conditioned to want to work with and trust experts. Be the expert. 

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