3 Ways to Succeed in Real Estate During the CoronaVirus Outbreak by Mike Anderson of Legend Realty

coronavirus mindset Mar 18, 2020

The past week it’s become abundantly clear that there will not be a market untouched by the measures taken to slow down the coronavirus, or to ‘flatten the curve’.

In real estate, I’ve heard of inspectors and appraisers cancelling appointments, buyers getting cold feet at a rate we have never seen, sellers wanting more guarantees, and nobody really knowing what the fallout is going to be. We are in a time of unprecedented uncertainty to say the least.

With all this mayhem I stand by one thing for sure- There has never been a better time to be in sales. Bear with me here: I have heard over the past week about growing numbers of people being laid off/ furloughed/ fired across a lot of industries. What a calming feeling it is to know that I am not in a position to be a victim of that type of circumstance.

Step One: It’s Not Your Fault, but it IS Your Responsibility

The fact is bad salesmen and saleswomen will always have an excuse they identify as a ‘reason’.

Understanding the difference between fault and responsibility is vital for keeping your head in the right space. What’s going on in the world right now is not your fault, but how you deal with it and what you do next to provide for you and/or your family IS your responsibility.

Step Two: Work Harder

Pick your head up and lay the groundwork STARTING NOW for how you’re going to shine. When your clients/coworkers/ family see how you’re handling bad circumstances with grace and confidence they’ll be inspired. Get on the phone, get on your social media, show the world what you’re capable of.

Step Three: Stay Calm

In MOST sales professions, there are still deals to be had. And the clientele who need our products and/or services understands the circumstances in the world right now, they just have their own needs.  Where clients who were mid process when all this started have in some cases been forced to bring a deal to a halt, new clients will be serious and come in with the understanding of the situation.

How many flaky clients are out recreationally looking with everything going on right now?  


Guest Post Written by Mike Anderson of Legend Realty
For more information, visit www.coloradolegend.com 

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