3 Ways to Grab Attention in the First 10 Seconds of a Call | The Covert Closer Blog by Justin Weeder

I know most of you are outbound callers, either following up on leads or creating your own opportunities.
That's not an easy job by any means, it's about facing as much rejection as you can without getting discouraged.
What if you looked forward to rejection?
That's right.
Don't knock it before you try it, I know you're skeptical but hang in there with me.
Why does rejection suck?
Because it means you lost an opportunity. Of course there's the evolutionary aspect of it, but we can learn over that with the right strategy.
How to Re-Wire Your Brain to Love Rejection
The human brain is a simple machine, with complex applications. That's why a lot of actions you need in order to be successful are simple, but difficult.
This is no exception, but if you put in the hard work, you can learn to love rejection. Here's why:
Fear of rejection and being demotivated by someone blowing you off only happens because you've taught your brain it's a bad thing. It's a simple pattern:
  1. Trigger: Customer says: this is a bad time, call me back next week.
  2. Action: You say "OK no problem" then they ghost you and don't answer next week.
  3. Reward: Your brain tells you people lie and hate you and you suck at sales so that it can explain the unknown.
You need to teach it a new pattern.
What You Don't Know About Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks
As long as you want to do this, you can. It won't be easy, but the reward for doing so is an insatiable love for prospecting.
Here's the new pattern you need to create:
  1. Trigger: Customer says "this is a bad time, call me back next week"
  2. Action: You say, "And what happens if I call you at a bad time next week?"
  3. Reward: the customer goes, "Good point. Why don't we set up an appointment?" and your brain is rushed with DOPAMINE!!
After enough reps of this happening, your brain will be craving people who try and brush you off so that you can overcome it and get that rush.
Two More Ledges for Popular Brush Offs
Now I promised you three ways to do this, so here are two more ledges to popular ways customer like to brush you off:
  1. Customer says: No thanks, I'm not interested.
  2. You say: Well, duh, Mr Customer. If you were interested, you would have called me, right? Let me ask you one question...
And... one more:
  1. Customer says: I'm about to walk into a meeting.
  2. You say: I only need 71 seconds. Trust me, they'll forgive you. Let me ask you something...
The key here isn't exactly what I'm saying.
The key is that I'm demonstrating confidence, novelty, and faith in my big idea by pushing past their resistance by saying something they've likely never heard before.

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